Make documentation great again (2/2)

Spring REST Docs

Un projet de démonstration

“name”: “CoolCorp”,
“location”: “Paris”,
“creationDate”: “2021–10–29”

Ajouter la dépendance nécessaire

Modifier ses tests de Controller pour générer de la documentation

Aperçu des fichiers générés
|The company unique ID
|The company name
|The company location
|The company creation date

Le fichier source de la documentation

=== Get one company // <1>.Request
include::{snippets}/getCompany/http-request.adoc[] // <2>
.Path parameters
include::{snippets}/getCompany/path-parameters.adoc[] // <3>
include::{snippets}/getCompany/http-response.adoc[] // <4>
.Response fields
include::{snippets}/getCompany/response-fields.adoc[] // <5>
.Response if the company was not found
include::{snippets}/getCompanyNotFound/http-response.adoc[] // <6>

Générer la documentation

Aperçu de la page HTML générée




Developer @ConsenSys // Blockchain enthusiast // Engineer @ EPF

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Alain Nicolas

Alain Nicolas

Developer @ConsenSys // Blockchain enthusiast // Engineer @ EPF

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